6 Jan 2019


In modern life, living in a ‘comfort zone’ has become a typical trend. Participating in marathons or long distance running events, gives an opportunity to explore and test one’s personal stamina, endurance and seize upon the opportunity of stepping out of the traditional comfort zone. This is why; thousands of people every year participate in marathons all over the world. Staying fit is also a necessity and definitely running helps in making one’s heart stronger with improved circulation and strong muscles. Nowadays people from all walks of life, participate in marathons and let’s accept the fact that completing the race is no less than an accomplishment. 

The Kolkata Police has launched this Half Marathon with a view to promote ‘Safe Drive Save life’ campaign. Among all sporting events, the running event is definitely distinct with its purpose and limitation. Thus it came as no surprise that the first edition of the Kolkata Police Safe Drive Save Life Half Marathon witnessed wholehearted participation from the people of the City of Joy and also from people of other areas. Definitely, it gave an opportunity to the participants to have the feel of the city as the race track was designed in such a way that the runners could experience the thrill and passion of the city. It goes without saying that mass participation in the Kolkata Police Safe Drive Save Life Half Marathon has been truly pivotal in generating mass awareness on ‘Safe Drive Save Life’. 

No doubt, running is the fastest growing sports and it happens to be the most popular mass participation activity in India and abroad. This event is an invaluable addition to the rich sporting culture of Kolkata. There are various categories in this event and most importantly enough, participation of women in various categories has been indeed overwhelming. The next Kolkata Police Safe Drive Save Life Half Marathon will be held on 6th January 2019.  And no doubt, this edition of the Half Marathon will surely witness more participation than the previous one. In the hectic rush of life, there is little time to stand and stare but to ensure a sound physical and mental survival; such activities which expose one to immense learning and socialization cannot be ignored. The time has come to change considering the diminishing sense of concern. People often say ‘what cannot be cured must be endured’. The new age demands of you all to be the real ‘music-makers, the dreamers of dreams’.