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How to Apply

1. An user/organization must Sign Up by creating an account before Bulk Registration. They can create an account by submitting their credential like contact name, email, password, etc through Bulk Registration Form.

2. Once the account is created the user/organization can log into the account can undergo bulk registration
  i. An user/organization can register a maximum of 10 participants at a time.
  ii. For each participant, selection of the Race Category is mandatory.
  iii. Age

Category Minimum age limit
21K 18 years
10K 15 years
5K 12 years

iv. Selection of T-Shirt size for each participant is mandatory.
v. For each participant image size should be minimum 30kb and maximum 100kb and file type should be in .jpg format.
vi. After successful submission of the form the registration fee of each participant will be automatically added and the total value will be redirected to the gateway page.
vii. After payment the user/organization can view their registered user list accordingly.
viii. In addition to this, “Add” button is provided, for adding more participants under one Organisation at any point of time logging in to your account.