Race Director

Jaydev Raja, who is popularly known as J-bro, is a 48 year old running and fitness enthusiast. Since
November 14 th , he has successfully finished 46 official events which includes 7 Ultra Marathons –
(Including 24 hrs Stadium Run, 100 mile Nasik to Mumbai Ultra) 20 Full Marathons (Which include 15
in consecutive months) 4 25k Runs 3 Half Marathons Numerous 15k and 10k runs. As of now, he has
also been pacer in 5 events which include the prestigious Mumbai Marathon, Hyderabad Marathon and
TSK25. He was also the race director of the BSF Half Marathon 2017.


Pintu Gupta (21K - 1 HR 50 MINS)

By profession software developer, he started sports activity with motto of loosing weight. After that he joined a running group (Salt Lake and Newtown Running) and cycling group (Cycle Network Grow) in Nov 2017. He started running with 5k or 7k four day weekly and daily basis cycling which has now become his passion.  Running Quote : "Running allows me to set my mind free. Nothing seems impossible. Nothing unattainable. Be Limitless"

Tapas Kumar Banerjee (10K - 55 MINS)

He started running since December, 2015. Officially completed 1 5KM, 8 10KM, 1 15KM, 6 Half Marathon, 1 25KM & 1 Full Marathon till date. He enjoys it because he feels free from everyday life and want to be more disciplined with both professional and personal life. His aim is to involve with more people into running and their goals and to improve my consistency for future PBs. Professionally, he is associated with TATA Consultancy Services as Business Process Lead.

Sourav Banerjee

Sourav Banerjee had started Running from the year 2017, since then he had seen the immense Benefits of Running. He had lost more than 30 Kgs from the weight of 107 kilograms to 74 kilograms. His first Event being the BSF Run (with 5 Kms). From that time he had never looked back and always targeted to improve on his Speed and Distance. Kolkata Police SDSL was the first Event where he had done his first Half Marathon with a Timing of 01:56:56.
The strong runner has successfully conquered 1 Full Marathon, 1 25kms Run, 6 half marathons, 8 10kms Run and more than half a dozen of 5Ks nationwide.

Archanaa Agarwal (10K - 80 MINS)

A diligent wife and a full time mother to a teenage daughter by profession. Have always been involved in some kind of physical activity though. Got introduced to running a year back. 1st run was of 5 km which was a struggle but surprisingly 2nd run was a trail run of 10 km where the struggle was more or less similar but the love for run got kick started and self belief also got a boost. Thereafter participated in numerous 10 km marathon. Running is more of a feel good factor, helps in releasing stress, where the adrenaline rush is unparalleled to any other form of physical activity. Takes pacing as an opportunity to encourage other fellow runners and help them complete the run.

Lalit Parakh

A fitness freak and most regular person at the gym, Lalit started running in 2017 with the JBG Trail run being his maiden 10k. His sister introduced him to this crazy world of enthusiastic runners. Having worked for PWC for over 3 years, one would always have an excuse that we don't get time to workout after a streneous 12 hr duty. But fitness isn't an option, it's a mandate. With 6 official half marathons, 2 25k, an Ultra and over a dozen of 10k in his bucket, he still strives to take up further challenges. Pacing he believes is the best way to make new runners confident and make them finish in style.

Samudrajeet Ghosh (10K - 90 MINS)

A sales professional believes Running allows to set mind free. In 2016, he took up running to improve his fitness and fell in love with long distance running. He has completed ten half-marathons, eight 10Km races, two 25Km race and one 3 x 20Km relay. He believes that chasing a personal best is good for ego but helping others in a run is rewarding in a different way and more fulfilling experience

Sreetama Roy (10K - 90 MINS)

An advocate by profession, she started running in December 2017 and this is her second year of Kolkata Police SDSL Half Marathon. She took up running primarily for loosing weight and is now a regular runner at all major events. For her, running helps her free her mind and remove all the negativity around her.

She believes that by pacing, she can help other runners finish the race strongly. 90 mins is special as she herself finished Kolkata Police SDSL Half Marathon 2018 in 90 mins and this year she'll be pacing the 90 mins.

Tapas Das

Tapas Das started running in mid of 2016 for keeping himself fit. He initially started running with shoes but soon he  realised running with shoes is not his thing and thereafter he became a bare feet runner. He has successfully completed 5 prestigious Half Marathon of 21 kms and 5 10k Marathon in a span of  2 years. This is his second year of pacing at the Kolkata Police SDSL Half Marathon.

Debashish Sarkar (21K - 3 HR)

He always had an unparalleled knack for outdoor sports from a very tender age. When the strenuous and monotonous corporate life of an IT Engineer started taking over his omnipresent joyous lifestyle , he got introduced to the world of running. With over half a dozen half marathons , innumerable 10ks , three 25ks and one outstation full marathon he is aiming for the bigger running experience of running Ultras with a 60k already being the limelight of his running career. With the prestigious TMM and Kolkata Marathon lined up in 2019. Debashish is such a person who would any day sacrifice his own run timing for helping his fellow runners cross that finish line. With all that being said , come run with "Neo" the ever smiling star of Kolkata Running Community.

Sahitya Baid

Sahitya’s journey as a long distance runner started in 2013. Since then he has run 14 half marathons, travelling all across the country, from Leh to Goa, and has run 3 full marathons, 4 25km runs and many 10k runs. He has successfully paced at major events like Tata Steel Kolkata 25k and IDBI Kolkata Marathon. His personal best for a HM is 1:47. He loves challenges, and running is something that challenges him, mentally and physically, and at the same time helps him stay fit and healthy. As a runner, Sahitya feels it's time for him to give back to the running community, and so he wants to help other runners achieve their personal best. 

Atul Ahuja (21K - 2 HR)

Very enthusiastic runner, he has been actively running for more than 2 years now. He’s a Banker with a MNC Bank. He has run more than dozen half marathon and a Full marathon including international circuits like Singapore, Malaysia and his latest conquer was Ladakh. Being a great motivator, he has created a running group in his Bank with around 50 active members and around 30 of them would be running together in Kolkata Police  run along with him which is really appreciable. Hats off to such a person who is so disciplined in life and his fat to fit story is really inspiring from 104 to 70 Kgs

Dipankar Ray

Dipankar is a passionate and seasoned runner who has been running Marathons over three seasons now. In fact, with a view to maintain physical fitness throughout the year, in the 7-8 months when Kolkata doesn’t see much of official running activities happening, he has been running approximately the Half Marathon distance of 21 KMs every single Sunday of the month with his running group, Kolkata Road Runners.

Anup Shaw

Anup was into sports from childhood however as Financial support was not sufficient enough to support through the expensive sports equipment, he took up running. He Science and Law Graduate. As a professional he is required to take care Motor Accident claim cases & closely deals with victims of road accident. He is also co-author of a paper on Motor Accident – “Criminal Negligence in Motor Accident” as very closely connect with the movement of "Safe Drive Save Life" and spread awareness. His aim is to spread the culture of Safe Driving to a wider reach rather than just remain confined to better the PB. It reflects his selfless concern towards society. He wants his running prowess to be utilized in a more effective manner to spread the cause more effectively.

Manish Kumar

Manish by profession is a software engineer at Accenture started running from Dec 2015 and till date he has completed 3 full marathon 8 half marathon 4 25K marathon and 6 10K marathon. Running makes him to be happy and healthy .Pacing gives him smile when he becomes reason for others PB.

Dheeraj Anand

The habit of running began with a childhood affection turned into a young love and at 33 and continuing it has turned into my passion, with 60+ runs under his belt, he has now journeyed to become a PACER. Being an ace banker, his profession demands much time and energy levels but his inundating love for RUN keeps him driving and keeps the wildly adventurous chap in him alive.

Sandip Mojumdar

Sandip, also known as Barefoot Baba in Kolkata Running circuit, has started running in November 2016 and had participated in 32 official events which includes 3 Full marathon, 13 Half Marathon, 2 25K and numerous 10 & 15 K. He enjoys running and feels, it is one of the way to remain happy and de-stressful. To him "More Miles means More Smiles". Professionally, he is working for a corporate organization located at Chennai.

Manish Shaw (10K - 70 MINS)

An IT professional working with TCS, Manish started running even before he started working following
the footsteps of his brother who is in Indian Navy. Something which started as a time – pass changed
into hours of practicing and dedication. He has successfully completed numerous 10K runs and 3 half –
marathons. He completed 25kms in TSK this year, even after severe injury half-way during the run
because he feels “You may lose your speed but not your spirit”. He would like to carry this message
forward in his pacing strategy too.

Anupam Mishra (21K - 3 HR)

A Master Graduate and currently pursuing LLB and a CS FINALIST by Education and a Business Analyst by profession, he is a passionate runner. He was a asthma Patient whose Running Journey Started from 2017, 10th January who couldn't run a 100 meter and as on date, he has not only run Ultra Runs, but also 42 km, 25 km, 21 km and many 10 km runs. Journey From Asthma Patient to Ultra Runner has made him passionate about Running. Running on Iconic Maa Flyover and sharing his experience will be ice in a cake watch when he will be helping and pacing the new bies rather going for self attempting PB and making them complete within 3 hr stipulated time.

Nilesh Kant Jha

Mr. Nilesh Kant Jha is a sportsperson since childhood. He started running long distance from June 2017 and never looked back. He passionately plays outdoor sports and hence, naturally, he was inclined to running. The will to remain healthy and fit pushes him every time to keep on running. Pacing requires a higher level of mental and emotional commitment as one not only motivates himself/herself but also motivates others to push their limits to achieve their target. He feels that content eyes of participants filled with gratitude for having achieved their PB is far more fulfilling then achieving own PB.