Co-Race Director

Jaydev Raja, who is popularly known as J-bro, is a 47 year old running and fitness enthusiast. Since
November 14 th , he has successfully finished 46 official events which includes 7 Ultra Marathons –
(Including 24 hrs Stadium Run, 100 mile Nasik to Mumbai Ultra) 20 Full Marathons (Which include 15
in consecutive months) 4 25k Runs 3 Half Marathons Numerous 15k and 10k runs. As of now, he has
also been pacer in 5 events which include the prestigious Mumbai Marathon, Hyderabad Marathon and
TSK25. He was also the race director of the BSF Half Marathon 2017.


Tapas Das

Running, which may be considered as the easiest exercise to keep oneself physically fit, is gaining popularity amongst every age group.

Mr. Tapas Das is one of such running enthusiast of Kolkata, who has successfully completed two prestigious Half Marathon of 21 kms and two 10k Marathon in a span of 1year.

Nidhi Bhatia

Nidhi Bhartia is a runner... not just a home maker, a fitness enthusiast but also a doting mother of two kids of which the younger is 9 months old. From where does she take out time for her Runs. How does she manage all that? Whenever someone is up with such questions she smiles with 'There's always a way when you are determined'.

Yunam (Judy)

She is leading one Chinese company in Kolkata now. She re-started running since 2014 due to health problem. After hectic project life. She had gained 8 kilos and felt fatigue quite often. After that, she decided to lose weight & become healthy. Running helps her in not only improving health but also life style. She is one member of Uniruner group and have been encouraged a lot by many runner friends.

Ketan Parekh

Ketan Parekh started his running career in August 2015 and ever since then there was no looking back for him. This strong tall runner has successfully conquered 3 Full Marathons, 7 half marathons and more than half a dozen of 5Ks, 10Ks, 15Ks & 25Ks nationwide. After running his first full marathon at SCMM 2017, this strong runner again finished full marathon at IDBI federal life insurance Kolkata marathon 2017 in two weeks gap. This shows his passion about running.

Devender Singh

Devendar Singh 32Yrs,is a computer science engineer, founder, CEO of a tech company, a Social Entrepreneur,as a Founder of now he is on a mission to create Employment Opportunities for People from lower socio economic background and Differently abled peoplein Rural and Urban parts of the country. 

Nitish Bharadwaj

Nitish Bharadwaj, a banker by profession looks at running as an escape from everything, apart from maintaining physical fitness. Run, burn and let go has been his mantra for two years. “When I set my foot in Kolkata, I was amazed to see the enthusiasm of running groups across the city. Well, it didn’t take me long to join such a group of crazy people called Unirunners and there has been no looking back since then”, rekindles Nitish.

Abhinav kashyap

When it comes to running Mr Abhinav Kashyap is a go getter athlete who is not afraid of distances as he has started with a 5km run and celebrated his running anniversary with his maiden full marathon, all in a span of 53 weeks flat. The fact remains that he is not a seasonal runner but a regular fitness enthusiast who maintains the routine throughout the year motivating himself and other to go for a higher distance than the usual to take the fear of distance away from the runners in the past year he has been running the Half marathon distance of 21.1 kms on weekends as part of his practice sessions every single month.